Happy Birthday King!

Well it is the Kings Birthday in Thailand!


Most of you will have already noticed alot of the stalls and shops are not operating toady, sadly im afraid to report that your bars and clubs will most likely not be open.
Phuket Deals
has been in Thailand for many of the Thai Kings Birthday’s, it is a joyous time that the Thai people love but it does put a dent for many holiday makers who do not realize how serious the Thai people take there Kings Birthday.

Phuket is one city that takes a lot of focus on the kings birthday, I suppose this might be to show the tourist’s how they love their country.

I was walking down Beach Rd when i young couple asked me why nothing was open, I explained the situation and tehy did not seem please!

Phuket Deals has also been getting a lot of query’s regarding the new Phuket Travel Deal section, as it states in their there are no set price’s or rates for this service. It is something we customize per trip, and again we believe this is the perfect way to spend a holiday in Thailand!

I have also updated the look on Phuket Deals, i hope you enjoy it and find it a little easier to find anything you may need! You will that there no not as many options on the top panel, you will find most the tourist info is now in the Tourist Information Section.

Phuket Deals will continue to update the set and get as much Thailand content as possible. Look out for a update later in the day!