Fun For Kids In Phuket

With more and more families coming to Phuket for their Family Holidays and Family Vacations, there is the obvious growing need for different activities and amusements for kids! Phuket Deals has, of course, taken note of these concerns and believe these are some of the most exciting and enjoyable activities kids can do in Phuket.

Considering Phuket is a beach town, there are plenty of fun activities for children to do during the day while the parents go out to play. A number of high end Hotels and Resorts have ‘kids clubs’ where parents can off load the little ones to spend quality time together. Children who participate in kids clubs have a range of fun things they get to do through out the Holiday. Phuket’s Hilton Arcadia has a very known Kids Club which hosts Competition Nights where children battle it in the pool in some of the most imaginative and exciting pool games people have ever seen. Bridge Battle is a very popular choice where children walk or crawl on a beam in the middle of the pool holding wet pillows which they will use to try and knock each other down and into the water.

Kids Club may be a great option for parents with children that are 6 to 13, but for the slightly older and more independent kids there should be no concern in giving them a little money for the day and sending them to Juncylon perhaps. Juncelon Shopping Center has recently been built in the heart of Phuket. The center has a very large movie cinema which plays Thai and English films, a bowling ally that is very inexpensive and a great Arcade Area with some of the latest and most popular games today.

If you would prefer to see your children getting out in the sun and making extra use of there time, about 20 minutes out side of the Patong CBD you can find the Phuket Shooting Range which has a number of Pistols and Rifles that can be rented per bullet. Opposite the range is the ATV Bike Track where Kids can race against each other or the staff to see who can come out on top with the best racing skills. Of course if your precious one prefers the water over land there are plenty of activities for them on the beach. Between Speed Boats and Jet Ski’s, your kids will have a world of fun speeding through the water at break neck speed to return to a great hearty meal waiting for them.

If you have any questions regarding the options you and your children have when in Phuket, please feel free to e-mail the team here at support.