Finding Work in Phuket

Finding Work in Phuket

If you are a foreigner in Phuket looking for a job, the first thing you have to do is to secure a working permit from Thailand government. You can do so by applying to the labor agency and once you have been granted a working permit, you can now start hunting and finding works in Phuket Island.
Here are some tips that may help you finding work in Phuket Island.

1. Get your skills and talent known around Phuket– Tourism industry is the best source of works around Phuket Island. If you have talent in Photography, bar tending, talent performance or show talent, you have bright future in finding work in Phuket’s various tourist places. But having the talent alone is not a guaranty you can land a job in hotels or show bars. You need to do some networking. Let possible employers know your talent. Pass information and sent resume around or make calls for interviews and make auditions if possible.

2. Assess your skills-If you can speak good English or any foreign language, there’s a great chance for you to be hire as teachers or interpreter. However, teachers do not get decent pay around Phuket so why not stick to doing English translation jobs instead. In which way you think you can excel, let it be based in your own assessment.

3. Go around Phuket and see what it has to offer– Go around Phuket, you can ride a taxi or motorbike and you will not spend a whole day to see what Phuket has to offer. In finding works in Phuket, you can scout for hotels, bars, shopping malls and other tourists’ attractions to see what available jobs exist.

4. Visit internet Café and do online job hunting– Internet cafes are all around Phuket. Hotels and private condominiums have internet access where you can do online job search. Visit online site offering jobs for foreigners and see what jobs are available for your skills and talent. If you want, you can join their many man pooling sites and get your resume listed for possible work or job placement.

5. If you are a good diver, go and get driving jobsFinding work in Phuket is quite easy for divers. Phuket is a haven for diving places and it is understandable that it needs a lot of good diving instructors for its local and foreign visitors. One tip, you must obtain diving permits and must have the highest level possible.

6. Work as freelancer– Make yourself available as freelancer as chances are better for freelance work. If you get offer grab it and be keen on being reliable and dependable. Finding work in Phuketon permanent basis is sure to come.

If you are a foreigner and found Phuket a possible place for home, finding work here should be your next agenda. If you are lucky to find one decent and legal work, you must sustain your reliability and dependability in order not to lose offers in the near future. One additional tip, while at work, do not part with your visa and working permit. Police in Phuket are known to  go around checking.

Phuket Deals is also in a position to help expats find Part Time work in Work. If you are interested then please do not hesitate to e-mail through to the Phuket Deals team and we will have an agent contact you to go over some specifics.