FBI – Tai Pan Disco

FBI – Tai Pan, Patong Phuket has for a very long time, been one of the most successful and popular night spots in all of Phuket! While it does not really start to get pumping until about 11, the entire cub is always packed and you are unable to move an inch. The men that go to Tai Pan in Patong are generally of the older generation, been 35 and above.  The team here at Phuket Deals are all below this age and still attend Tai Pan on a regular basis, we have spent many nights getting very messy and have always had a great time and meet some awesome people! Tai Pan is a great disco on  BanglaRd and gets some very beautiful girls going to it, looking for that special someone for the night.

Tai Pan is easy spot when walking on Bangla Rd as it has large neon signs that say “FBI” and below “Tai Pan Nightclub“, it is also one of the few venue’s that seem to promote security and have quite a few Thai Men that walk around wearing FBI shirts ensuring everyone is been safe, having fun and not doing anything wrong. Again, the team at Phuket Deals have spoken with the security at the club and have always found them to be superior guys who aren’t there to intimidate you, although it would be easy to think that as this is what you would usually get at home.

Tai Pan is very fair on drink prices and when it starts to get fairly busy, only allows you to buy drinks and pay for them at the bar. Tai Pan will often have live bands that perform on stage, they are incredibly good and deserve some special acknowledgement. The band at Tai Pan will usually perform rock or top 40 style music, both of which are fairly easy on the ear and good to dance to! Phuket Deals have enjoyed many nights at Tai Pan and walked out spending very little, it is an excellent very that offers a wide range of drink choices at great prices, stays open until very late – usually as late as possible, or until the police or army come to end the party!

Tai Pan Nightclub Patong Phuket

Tai Pan – The Neon Lights