Family Activities in Phuket

Family Activities in Phuket

Anyone who says that Phuket is only for singles is definitely out of his mind. Phuket is a family-friendly place and for families who want to break away from their daily routines and want to relax and rebuild their emotional resources. Phuket is the right place to go have a vacation away from home. Read on and you’ll find out why.

Camping is one of the many good family activities in Phuket. The family can enjoy the natural environment of Khao Sok National park as Khao Sok Discovery has several camping deals to offer. The family can choose from one full day to 2 days and 1 night and 3 days -2nights camping. The family is taken to discover the hidden treasures of Khao Sok Jungle, explore the lake and take on safari tours. One great treat is the family gets to stay for night in an eco lodge fashioned from traditional Thai natural house.  Another great camping park is Mu Ko Similan National Park in Similan Islands. This park within an island is rated as one of the top ten diving sites by Skin Diving of U.S. Publications. Campers stay in large camouflage tents as they enjoy the breathtaking views of this island paradise. Not to be taken for granted is Ao Phang Nga National Park which offers wildlife experience plus the rich fauna and marine life in natural habitats.  Campers will be delighted to have first- hand experience of the rich forest treasures of the island. There are also good hotels near the park where the family can stay and still experience the wonderful feeling of going back to the basic.

There are sailing trips available for the whole family. The Andaman Sea is the best place to explore diverse marine terrain. There are chartered boats for daily sailing and exploring Phuket which is available online. Time and pace is on your hands.

Amusements parks in Phuket now are no longer all about rides. There are many family activities in Phuket offered by these amusement parks. One not to be missed is Splash Jungle Water Park inside West Sands Resort on Mai Khao beach where the family can enjoy together its premium rides such as The Lazy River, Boomeranggo and Super Bowl. The family can also alternately find time to unwind in the Igloo Sauna or the hot spring pool. After getting wet, the family can enjoy delicious Thai foods in many restaurants around the park.

A family night out in Dino Park can really be fun and exciting as Dino Park is getting popular as family activities in Phuket. Here, the family gets to enjoy a mini golf game in prehistoric setting. After a relaxing game, the hungry family members can savor delicious Thai food in Dino Café.

Parents will be happy to see their kids learning while enjoying. A trip to Phuket Aquarium is one of family activities in Phuket that let family enjoys the fascinating weirdness of the underworld sea. Young members will be elated to see diverse selection of marine life from brilliantly colored to the cleverly disguised fishes.

Not to be left out is the famous elephant trekking. The family will surely enjoy this one of a kind adventure as they explore the mountain and jungle terrains riding at the back of these gentle animals. Elephant trekking along the hills of Chalong is perhaps the most requested family activities in Phuket. The experience of riding on an elephant through the jungle is a great family bonding time as they get wet as they passed the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary waterfall.  The experience truly will make it as an unforgettable family day out.