Facts About Thai Girls – Patong, Karon, Kata, Surin

Facts About Thai Girls – Patong, Karon, Kata, Surin

If you are heading to Thailand and have booked a your trip through Phuket Deals or one of the Online Travel Agents we have mentioned in recent posts then the simple truth is you might be going to hang out and party with the famous Thai Bar Girls that can be found on the Island. If you are heading to Phuket as a solo traveler or with some mates and you hope to meet some beautiful Thai Girls in Patong, Karon, Kata or Surin then this is an article you need to read. Girls in Phuket are easily among the most beautiful in all of Thailand, the girls are always up for fun and games and will usually be eager to sit down, have a chat (if they speak English well enough) and probably be eager to go to a club or even back to your hotel room. It’s important to remember that these girls generally do not do this work for fun but out of necessity – pay is very low on Thailand and most girls who work in Phuket are from Issan and other villages where the people get little to no education and some can only speak Thai – they are not capable of writing in Thai.
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The following will give tourists, travelers and potential tourists some insight into the girls in the different bar and tourist area’s in Patong. While obviously everyone is different the Phuket Deals team believes this is the general information found.

Patong – Patong is easily the most popular area of Paotng, it boasts Bangla Rd and the majority of people who come to Phuket end up going to Patong because it has the most girls, bars, clubs and Go Go’s. Girls in Patong are usually pretty busy – especially if you go in high season and they will generally seek 1500 to 2000 baht for a night of fun. They are experts in Connect 4 and Janga and the Phuket Deals team believes you would be best to not bet them at these games or pool because you will lose.

Karon – Karon is the 2nd most popular location for tourists. While Karon does not have the nightlife that Patong is able to boast it still does have a fairly popular bar scene that tourists are able to enjoy. Girls in Karon are usually willing to go for a little less than the girls in Patong because they do not see as many customers. The girls can often be a little older and the bars are generally a little less expensive than Patong.

Kata – Kata has a very small bar scene but the Phuket Deals team is surprised to see that the girls are generally grade A quality. The girls in Kata are always up for a laugh and will generally go for around the same as the girls in Karon. Girls that work in bars in Kata will be living close to that area so it might get you the chance to see a Bar Girls house first hand.

Surin – Surin has no bar scene from what the Phuket Deals team has been able to find. If you are going to Phuket to enjoy the nightlife and girls we would suggest looking beyond Surin for your hotel accommodation.

This has just been a brief explanation on the Bar Girls that you will find in the different areas of Patong. If you have any questions for the Phuket Deals team or believe you can advise on another area people might be interested to go to so they can enjoy the Phuket Nightlife, the bar girls and the drinking scene then comment below so a Phuket Deals rep can check it out, do a review and update this article with even more information to help as many people as possible enjoy Phuket and all the great things it offers. Remember not to fall for the Bar Girls because when you go home they will need new customers, although they might tell you they will wait and just be a cashier the truth is that 99% will not do this and they will continue to enjoy the nightlife, the drinks and the western men.