End Of Year Phuket Package Deals 2011 Holiday Specials

End Of Year Phuket Package Deals 2011

The year is almost up and there are still lots of Package Deals for Thailand to go around! If you are not sure about Phuket been a great option for your next Holiday we really do ask you keep reading as the following will be a great assistance! Thailand is known as the Land Of Smiles, and Phuket is the happiest place in Thailand thanks to the great weather, the beach’s, the nightlife and the overall atmosphere! If you are looking at a Holiday to Phuket but are not sure what you could do during your time, we can assure you there is plenty to be done!

Phuket has a number of fantastic sights that are a dream for anyone who loves getting a good photo. Some temple’s in Phuket are hundreds of years old, while others have only recently been built which is great to give you an idea on how times have changed! Phuket has also recently had the “Big Buddha” build, which is a massive statue of a large Buddha, a very strong symbol for the Thai People and there religion. There are many beautiful islands around Phuket, with many easily accessible with tour guides or by going in a tour group. A quick search online will reveal the beautiful white sand that can be found on the islands surrounding Phuket, the crystal clear blue water that can be enjoyed and swam in and the beautiful fresh Thai food that is supplied on these tours.

Of course there are some people who are not interested in the sights that can be seen, many people have a great interest in the nightlife, the clubbing and the drinking that can be done in Phuket and on Bangla Rd. It has come to out attention that a number of tour operators are offering very Cheap Package Deals for Phuket in 2011 for young people that are looking for a wild experience, partying night and day! Bangla Rd in Patong is known as the Amsterdam of Asia thanks to the hundreds of Beer Bars, GoGos and Nightclubs that house some of the most beautiful Thai Girls you will ever see!

What ever your reasons for going to Phuket, we are sure you will have a fantastic trip and come back with wonderful memory’s and photos! We ask all potential visitors to Phuket that you do e-mail us as we are in a position to offer some great deals, including a 2 week stay for under $1500 AUD.