Driving In Phuket – Simple Rules To Keep Safe

One of the most enjoyable parts of any Holiday is the fact that you can get out and explore a new area. Its very common for Tourists to rent or hire cars or bikes when they visit a new place to save money on Taxi’s and Transport. People that are going to Phuket, or anywhere in Thailand for a Holiday should take extreme care when riding a bike and if at all possible, one would be best to rent a car. Thailand has notoriously bad roads where many people have fatal accidents every year.

Renting a bike is great fun and it does feel like the right thing to do because everyone else is out and about on a bike or scooter. If you are riding a bike in Phuket it is advisable to drive very slowly. Drivers should approach corners with caution as it is very common for Thai people to drift onto the other side of the road to make the turn happen faster. Although the team at Phuket Deals drive cars rather then use Bikes, we have noticed that people are safer if they stick to the outside of the road rather then the inside as this will limit your chance of a collision.

Tourists that would like to rent a car or bike while they are in Phuket should also ensure they rent from a reputable dealer and they should ensure they get insurance to cover any potential damage they cause to the bike. While it generally will be accept to present your countries driving license and use this, the rule in Thailand is that you do need an international drivers license. This is easily obtained and worth having. Australians would be best to speak to the NRMA as they as the official body that provides this in Australia.

The team at Phuket Deals hopes you have had a safe and wonderful Holiday in Phuket! We do hope you take caution when driving on the Thai Roads and that you remember that any accident will be your fault in the eyes of the Thai people so insurance is a must!