Do’s And Dont’s When In Phuket

Phuket, Thailand really is a great place for anyone to visit! There is the nice warm sun, the beautiful beach’s, the Thai girls and the crazy nightlife! It seems however, many tourists are forgetting that they are in someone else country as a small minority of tourist’s seem to be unable to show any respect for the people of Thailand or the Thai way of life!

This is why I have decided to draw up this quick post, to try to help tourist’s understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in Thailand! Read carefully, as some of these are very important! Tourist’s have been getting into a fair bit of strife lately due to not following Thai Customers, and even worse – Thailand’s Laws!


Never tap or touch a Thai person’s head, the head is the highest part of the body and should be shown respect!

Never take a TG back to your room if you do not intend on paying unless you make this clear

Never leave your password with a bike / hire car company, only leave a copy

Never ride the Jet Ski’s, many tourist’s have been caught out in scams

Tolerance – The thai’s have lots of this, so should you!

Never get upset, the Thai’s rarely do

Avoid loosing your temper, this can cause big problems in LOS.

Thai do not express thanks like we do, if you do a favour accept this

Thai’s do not hug, a firm thank you is enough!

Never point with your forefinger!

Never place your feet so it points toward a person, picture of a royal family member or relgious symbol!

Never step over someone, just walk around!

Avoid Hotel Safety Deposit Box, very rare to have problem but it can happen

Never leave your post card with reception, it will never be sent! Go to the post office your self

Get receipts if you pay for anything in advanced!

Make sure the laundry you get back is yours!

Do make sure you know a person well before accepting a tempting offer.

Never walk into a house with footwear on!

Sit where you are told, when told by a Thai.

It is ok to Wai the elderly

Accept things with your right hand.

Never trust a tall lady with big hands, its a Lady Boy.

Pay any tuk tuk / bike drive the agreed fare