Construction Happening In Phuket

There is a lot of talk in town about the major construction that has happened, and the rumored construction that may be happening. The team at Phuket Deals have no official information on this sadly as we have been out of Phuket for some time now. Phuket Deals has followed the work through online news papers such as the Phuket Gazette and online forums such as the one’s at Phuket Info – there have been many photos posted of the bars in the middle of Soi Seadragon, while when we speak to girls in Patong they advise us there has been no real change and nothing is very different.

For many months now, we have heard persistent rumors that all of Bangla Rd will be moved to the new boxing stadium, to allow easier access and more room for tourists as they enjoy the Thailand and Phuket Nightlife. Phuket Deals believes if this does happen, it would be a positive move as it would allow punters to go see the Muay Thai matches prior to a big night of drinking, we believe the hotels would be situated in a great location to co-inside with this location for the nightlife and hope to see it happen in the near future!

There has also been a lot of major construction at and around the C&N Hotel, many people will notice that the bars and massage parlor opposite the hotel are now gone, while the restaurant and bars to the side are also gone. It does not appear this construction has effected the influx of people coming and going from the hotel, who still choose to stay thanks to the great service and friendly staff! The construction opposite is a complete refurbishment of all the bars and shops in that area. Phuket Deals does hope that it can manage to keep its culture and old style feel as we can see a lot of Patong is beginning to turn into Bangkok with large shopping malls and streets that resemble what I would expect to see at home in Australia, or visiting any major first world country.