Christmas In Phuket! What To Do

Christmas is only days away! Tourist numbers are rising and the atmosphere around Patong is perfect! Many people would be asking themselves about now, “what can we do for Christmas“, and its an important question, one that deserves to be thought about properly. Considering Phuket is a part of Thailand and Thailand does not celebrate Christmas you might struggle to find a great meal or activity for the 25th of December.

A growing number of expats meet at Christmas and hold a Christmas lunch. Information for this can be found in and around the Phuket Info forums. The lunch is generally a low key event, attended by many prominent Phuket Expats including Nicke who owns and operates Mai Tai Bar and the Phuket Info website.  Partners are welcome to join, there is always excellent food and brilliant service. The lunch in Phuket generally starts rather early, this ensures that all participants can enjoy the food and drink, and the people who feel like continuing on can go to Bangla Rd for some fun.

If you are in Phuket with family, going to a function held by mongers and drinkers may not be your choice event. There are plenty of great restaurants which can be found through out Patong and even more can be found in Phuket Town. Christmas is during High Season, which does indicate a slight increase in price. The fact it is Christmas should have no effect on the price of food and drinks though as they do not celebrate Christmas.

It is also an option to meet a Thai Girl and invite them to spend Christmas day with you. This allows you to enjoy the company of a beautiful person, buy them a present and eat a fantastic meal! The final option and my personal favorite would be to imagine it is not Christmas, treat the day like any other and do what you would like!

Phuket Deals hopes to see you all come to Phuket for a Christmas Vacation! If you are going to fly into Phuket via Bangkok, it may be worth looking at our sister site, Bangkok Deals.