Cheap Phuket Travel Deals – March Holiday Packages 2012

Cheap Phuket Travel Deals – March Holiday Packages 2012

The Phuket Deals team has been very busy! Yesterday we spent the day going through some of the most converged sites for Phuket Travel Deals and Cheap Phuket Holiday Packages in 2012 and we have found a few gems that you will all love! The team at Phuket Deals also went to a few travel agencies to see if we could get anything better in person and while they came close to the online prices we managed to find it seems that bricks and mortar travel agents simply cannot offer the same kind of Cheap Phuket Travel Deals that the online stores can provide! We have covered the first and second month of 2012 so far so the Phuket Deals team thought it would be worth speaking about the March 2012 Phuket Holiday Package Deals we could find! March 2012 will be a good time to visit Phuket as School Holidays are on so it will be easy to get the kids the time they need to enjoy Phuket! Patong and Karon will be full of tourists looking to enjoy the beach and sand and the Nightlife is at its best during this time of the year! The team at Phuket Deals has spent the last day or two going through a bunch of different websites and the Cheap Holiday Package Deals to Phuket we have found will make it possible for even the poor to get on a plane and get themselves to Phuket for a fun week or two! Never mind that QLD is a shorter flight – we can confirm you will pay half the price by heading to Phuket for a fun filled Cheap Holiday Package Deal to Phuket in 2012.

The first Holiday Package Deal to Phuket we found for 2012 is one that will let people enjoy their time in Karon, Phuket! Karon is not as busy as Patong but it is more popular for families as the Bar Girl Scene is not as obvious and you still are close to lots of shops, restaurants and bars so you can sit back and relax and take in the sights! It should be noted that Karon does not have any real night clubs and for times you wish to dance the night away you will end up having to pay for a Tuk Tuk to drive you into Patong! If you think you will be looking to spend a lot of time enjoying the Nightlife Scene then this very Cheap Phuket Travel Deal may not be the best Holiday Package Deal for March 2012 for you! We would suggest you check out what we have tomorrow in regards to Holiday Package Deals to Phuket in 2012. Below you can read about the fantastic offer for people looking to stay in Karon, Phuket.

Cheap Phuket Travel Deals March Holiday Packages 2012

Phuket Travel DealMarch 2012 Holiday Package Deal – Hilton Arcadia

The Phuket Deals team has come across one of the most amazing Phuket Travel Deals we have ever heard of! Staying at the beautiful Phuket Hilton Arcadia in Karon you will be able to enjoy 10 acres of well maintained gardens! Enjoy a game of tennis or perhaps you can play some squash! Eat some of the finest food you have ever tasted and enjoy the free shuttle service into Karon for those days when you feel the need to do some shopping! While this all sounds amazing so far, this Phuket Holiday Package Deal for 2012 is not just to stay at the hotel but also includes the flights you will need to get to Phuket! The Hilton Arcadia is one of the most well known Hotels in Phuket and we are sure your Holiday in Phuket will be made even better by staying in this beautiful place! Below is a more details outline on what you get with this amazing Phuket Travel Deal for March 2012.

– 10 Nights Accommodation In A Superior Room
– Buffet Breakfast Each Day
– Free Transfers From The Hotel
– 2 X Free Massages
– Free Shuttle Into Karon

The team at Phuket Deals would like to stress how amazing this Holiday Deal to Phuket really is! If you are looking for a Cheap Package Deal to Phuket in March 2012 and would like to Travel to Phuket then we would recommend you get in contact with us so you can get more information on this amazing Holiday Package Deal to Phuket! The Phuket Deals team would love to see you come to Phuket so you can enjoy the crystal clear water! Enjoy the magical beaches and treat yourself to a few nights out with some fun filled Thai Bar Girls who will just play games and chat with you or be happy to spend some after hours time if that’s what you’re looking for! Phuket Deals is your number one resource on Phuket Holidays and if you are looking for a great Package Deal to Phuket in March 2012 then you need to contact US! The Phuket Deals Booking System can be e-mailed or you can comment below!