Cheap Phuket Holidays In 2011!

Cheap Phuket Holidays In 2011!

The team at Phuket Deals has been looking at a number of 3rd party Holiday Suppliers and we are amazed and exciting to see some big improvements over the deals offered this time last year! Currently if you are coming from Australia, it is fairly easy to obtain airfare to Phuket and your accommodation for 10 nights for under $1000.

Phuket is trying very hard to draw in larger crowd numbers with Cheap Holidays Deals and we believe this will be a fantastic way to help that effort! Trips to Phuket can still be arranged separately (ie: flights and accommodation paid separate). This can still be a very cheap method to plan a Phuket Holiday as many air lines now have direct flights to Phuket and the tax rate to enter the country has been lowered in recent years.

Phuket is an amazing place to visit, and one that people always return to! Some of the most popular features for people looking at a Phuket Holiday are;

Phuket Beach’s: Phuket has some of the calmest and most beautiful beach’s this world has to offer! Patong boasts a fairly busy beach with lots of action, girls looking to offer massages and more. The sand is not as white as other parts of Phuket although you do have easy access to the main strips of the island and Bangla Rd, which we imagine would be a big thing for most people!

Phuket Nightlife: We have spent a lot of time on this website talking about the Phuket Nightlife! Phuket has one of the most diverse and exciting nightlife’s this planet has to offer! We always warn people not to be worried of the Ladyboys, they may have a bad rep but most are great people! We do encourage everyone to check out the Beer Bars and Girlie Bars, even if that is not why you have come to Phuket! Children and Families will be fine walking around Bangla Rd, in fact we believe it would be a great eye opener for most people! There are also some fantastic nightclub’s and disco’s across Phuket, although they are not very good for a family due to the large crowds – younger people will love it!

Thai Food: Well, its no secret that while in Thailand, you can expect to get offered some of the greatest Thai Food about! There are literally thousands of restaurants that are spread out across Phuket, offering fantastic food at a range of prices that will blow your mind or possibly break the bank! Remember to keep checking for more Cheap Phuket Holidays in 2011! Phuket Deals looks forward to detailing more adventure from the LOS.