Cheap Phuket Deals – Holiday Packages And Travel 2011

Cheap Phuket Deals – Holiday Packages And Travel 2011

Before we get into some of the Cheap Phuket Deals we have running at the moment the team at Phuket Deals would like to say sorry for not making an update in such a long time! A few members of the Phuket Deals team have been on Holiday and other members have been rather unwell and this does make it hard to bring you the latest Cheap Phuket Deals we can find on the Internet! To make up for our lack of updates though the team at Phuket Deals have been looking at some of the Cheapest Phuket Deals we can find and have also been investigating why a Cheap Holiday Package to Phuket is a great thing and why we believe you should Travel to Phuket in 2011! Thanks to how popular the Internet has become over the years it is very easy to find Cheap Deals to Phuket and while in the past people would need to seek advice from a Travel Agent to arrange a Holiday you can now simply get on line while you are at home and arrange everything yourself! From selecting the best air line tickets and getting good seats to making sure your hotel has everything you want and need and is in a good location, the Internet has made it possible.

While you are online looking for a great Phuket Holiday Package in 2011 you will find many websites now simply offer better rates than usual for Hotels and others will determine the best Flight Airfares after going through a range of different Airlines. While it is still possible to find the traditional Holiday Package to Phuket many people find it can work out cheaper and just as easy to find the best deals and buy everything separately! Recently the team at Phuket Deals decided to look at finding Cheap Phuket Package Deals and then compared it to what we would pay if we had paid for the room via Agoda and the Flights through Best Flights and we found there was a $250 saving to be had by buying them separately! This is a perfect example on why the Internet has become such a powerful tool for finding Cheap Phuket Deals and fantastic Holiday Package Prices.

Since 2011 is coming close to its finals months we felt it was time we offered a new Cheap Phuket Holiday Deal in 2011 for people that have only just realized how much they need a Holiday. Below you will find details on our latest Travel Deal to Phuket and we firmly believe that it will be the best Package Holiday to Phuket you see yet! While we have mentioned before that you can obtain your Holidays for Cheaper by buying them separately, the team at Phuket Deals have contacts with in Phuket that allow us to get even better rates then you can find online!

Cheap Phuket Deals Holiday Packages And Travel 2011

Cheap Phuket Holiday Package 2011

The Cheap Phuket Holiday Package for 2011 is probably the last budget Holiday we will run in 2011! This will be perfect for those who have simply had enough of work or who only recently confirmed they could get time off or would have money during this period! Given how popular Patong is we knew that the accommodation would need to be based here and we have recently been in contact with the Managers and Owners of the Royal Phawadee Village! This hotel / resort has some of the most amazing rooms we have ever seen and the grounds are immaculate! Staying for 9 nights and flying with Thai Air from Sydney Airport you will be able to enjoy Phuket and Patong in true style without having to break the bank! Breakfast is included and you will also be able to enjoy 1 free dinner at White Hat – one of the most popular and well known restaurants in all of Phuket!

What You Get;
– 9 Nights At The Royal Phawadee Village
– Flights With Thai Air
– Buffet Breakfast
– 2 Free Dinners At White Hat

E-mail through to the Phuket Deals Booking Service with your contact name, number and dates you would like to go so we can confirm the price and get you booked in for the most amazing Phuket Holiday ever!