Charities in Phuket You Can Donate to

Charities in Phuket You Can Donate to

There are various charity projects and centers in Phuket that the generous crowd can go to and donate their excess fortunes. These charities are well-recognized and proven to help a lot in building a better community in Phuket, Thailand.

Organizations based in Phuket are mostly conducting projects and activities that involves fundraising, charity works, volunteering activities and other things that helps the community of Phuket to be a better place for both its visitors and local residents. Volunteering and donating in Phuket has become widely popular and the funds collected are becoming larger every year.

One of the known charities in Phuket you can donate to is the Tsunami Volunteer Center (TVC). TVC is basically a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Phang-Nga region that was formerly devastated in the 2004 December tsunami. The organization aims to provide the recovery of the coastal communities which were highly affected by the tsunami. Projects for the people in the affected communities include providing education, housing, environmental restoration, small business development, and vocational training. Volunteering works are the most needed by the organization in order for it to attain its goals.

Another charity organization in Phuket where you can donate to is the Asia Center Foundation (ACF). ACF in Phuket is a registered Christian Charity organization founded in 2002. The main goal of ACF is to provide education to disadvantaged Thai children. Children mostly catered by ACF are those from slum areas, single-parent families, drug or alcohol abused families and other conditions where they are deprived of formal education. Projects of ACF include Pre-school for Thai students, scholarship programs, learning center for Burmese students, and a weekly youth outreach program. The ACF accepts donations in forms of volunteering works, gifts in kind, fundraising projects, bank wire, cash donations, and other grants that will be able to support its projects and activities.

Other charities in Phuket you can donate to that needs donations and volunteering works include the Phuket Has Been Good To Us Thailand, DIDIT, Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, The Child Tracking Assistance Centre, Elephant Help Foundation, Disaster Tracking Recovery Assistance Center, The Atigaro Project, Child watch Phuket, Soi Dog Foundation, Life Home Project, and Phuket International Women’s Club. There are also rotary and Lions Club in Phuket that are available for donation and fundraising projects. The Lions Club chapters include the Lions club of Phuket, Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea, and the Lions Club of Phuket Pearl. While the Rotary Club districts include those of Rotary Club of Andaman, Rotary Club of Junkseilom, Rotary Club of Patong Beach, Phuket, Rotary Club of Tungka and Rotary Club of Phuket South.

Thailand is still considered as third world country when it comes to its political and economic status. It is a nation famous for its natural environment and maintaining and sustaining these natural environments are now considered a global responsibility. The whole world is giving its own share to Thailand’s aim of providing a natural environment to humanity.