Car Rental / Bike Rental in Phuket

Car Rental / Bike Rental in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand is best explored with cars and bikes. For this reason, car rental and bike rental in Phuket has become widely available and easily accessible to tourists, travelers and local foreigners.

Car and bike rental in Phuket comes in a package deal that includes the insurance of the car, loss damage waiver, theft protection, third party insurance, personal accident insurance, unlimited mileage and a value added tax of 7%. However, the rates applied with the car and bike rental excludes the fuel used and other optional items. Optional items that can be included in the car and bike rental are baby strollers, GPS navigator, Super LDW, and child seats. For more convenient rentals, early booking and reservation of the car or bike must be done. Booking period mostly is starting from the month of March to the end of October. Pick-up period follows the schedule of the booking period.

Car and bike rental in Phuket is as easy as getting a taxi or riding a Song Thaew in Phuket. The stores and places that offer car and bike rentals in Phuket are easily and almost seen everywhere. Besides from immediate access, car and bike rental fees are also affordable on the budget. Car and bike rentals in Phuket besides from being accessible on the streets, they can also be found in online sites and reserved even before travelers and tourists get to Phuket. For instance Thai Rent a Car, Andaman Car Rent, and David Car Rent are stores that offer online reservation of car and bike rentals in Phuket that also comes with a full insurance. Certainly, car rental and bike rental in Phuket is easy, cheap and hassle-free.

One way rentals service are also available between locations in Thailand however, no one way fee applies to rentals of 5 days and above in car/bike rentals in Phuket. There is also a free delivery and collection service within 30 km radius of Thai car/bike rental offices. Every car/bike rental service store has its own policies regarding car/bike rental. Consequently, they are similar in some terms such as when it comes to circumstance like that of a no show and cancellation of booked or reserved car/bike rental. If a car/bike rental in Phuket is cancelled 24 hours prior to vehicle pick up, no cancellation fee will be charged. If cancelled late or in the case of a no-show, a cancellation fee equal to one day’s rental will be charged. Forms of payment accepted in car/bike rentals in Phuket are through valid major credit cards namely Visa, Master card, Amex etc. However, the credit card must bear the name of the driver/the person renting the car/bike only. Unfortunately cash and debit are not accepted and cash deposits are also not accepted.

Exploring Phuket is one of the best things one can do to enjoy it to the fullest and getting around it with a car or a bike, rented or owned is the best way to do it.