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Bonkers Bar in Soi Eric is very noticeable once you reach the end of that Soi. It is a bright red bar, with dancing pole’s on all the Tables – giving customers a great view while they drink! The girls at Bonkers are definitely some of the best looking you will find in Thailand, sadly the girls realize they are very good looking at seem to ask for higher rates then any other girls in Phuket.

The girls at Bonkers Bar are excellent at treating a man like a king, you will not leave there un-happy, although your wallet may be a lot smaller then it once when you came in! The girls are dressed in sailor uniforms, which does go 2 steps further then most other bars. – The uniforms do make the bar somewhat, as the skirts are so short and so much flesh is showing its hard not to want to stay!

The girls can be very pushy to buy them drinks, even after you say no they will still push for it – this may cause issues to newer tourist’s who feel the need to give in and hand over some money for nothing!

Beers and Drinks come very cold, although so it couldn’t be better! They are very generous with the serving of spirits, another great factor to the bar!

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I would rate Bonkers Bar a excellent place to drink, and find a friend for the night!