Best & Worst Of Bangla

The Best And Worst Of Bangla

We talk about a lot here, and we usually have pretty good things to say about it! While we have warned people in the past of certain problems they may be faced with on Bangla Rd, Patong, we have never dedicated much towards the differences, been the best and worst of this great strip in Phuket that we have all come to love and adore so very much! While the Phuket Deals Team believes there are limited problems to Bangla Rd, we do recognize there are some and are happy to try and educate you on what to expect!

Best Of Bangla

1) Never Ending – It does not matter when you walk on Bangla, weather it is 1am or 1pm there is no question that the party will be going and everyone will be having fun. While Beer Bars can be shut down by 2 or 3am due to the Police or Army, Nightclubs such as Hollywood & Tiger are usually free to enter up until 5 or 6am, at which times bars re open or normal people go to bed!

2) Girls, Girls, Girl – We talk a fair bit about Thai Girls on this site, and there is no question that they are a highlight for most people on a trip to Patong when they go through Bangla for the first time! Thai Girls are all over Bangla, its like shooting fish in a barrel when you try to pick up!

3) Drinks – Drinks are very cheap in Phuket when compared to a western country like Australia, The US or The UK. While alcohol is not as cheap as it once was (less then 20c for a beer), you can still get a great drink for under $3, which is a fair saving when compared to the $8-10 one might expect to pay in Sydney.

Worst Of Bangla

1) Pot HolesBangla Rd is full of Pot Holes, and when you are drunk they can become fairly hazardous. Another concern would be for people that had not completed the required medical shots before visiting Thailand. Pot Holes usually have water in them, which can cause infection on a cut. Pot Holes also make Bangla Rd look unkempt and rather dirty.

2) Touts – We mentioned them only recently so I will not go on, but touts are those little guys who try to convince to visit a bar they work for. Avoid at all costs

3) Not Cheap – People visit Thailand and walk away with the belief they could move there and live well because it is so cheap. While there is no denying that Phuket is very cheap compared to so many other places, it can burn big holes in wallets for people who do end up living here. Another thing you would ask yourself, “Can I afford to live in Phuket when I will not be earning a western wage in Australia”. If you can not answer yes to this, you can not move to Thailand.

While we have mentioned only 3 points here regarding the Worst Of Bangla, there is no doubt far more that we have not mentioned! The team at Phuket Deals would love for members to log-in and post comments relating to some of the worst aspects they can see for Bangla.