Best Patong Nightlife Video…EVER!

As is often said on Phuket Deals, Patong is easily one of the best places on this planet to party and its fairly easy to find that out these days via You Tube! Through a separate website I have come to find out of Video Producer who has got some brilliant work on Patong and Phuket! Just by doing a search on you tube for “J.R Bazil Patong” – you will find a list of all the movies he has created and put online and I have to say, they are fantastic! J.R Bazil has a special way to bring out the fun, vibrant place that Bangla Rd, Patong becomes at night – through 4 or 5 different song’s he has created a 10 minute long presentation on Phuket, Bangla Rd, Bar Girls Lady Boys & Evrrything else you come to expect to see on the infamous Bangla Rd!

Bazil’s video shows views from the main Bangla strip, hotels above Beach Rd, an area that appears to be the roof of Jungceylon Shopping Center and more! There is a great feature on the Disco’s in Patong such as Hollywood, Tiger and Baya! It appears to feature a number of his friends, and some shots appear that they may have been slightly set up; but that would be expected for a video of this caliber! It honestly is one of the best videos I have ever seen, my true belief is that the Thai Government or the Thai Ministry for Tourism should pay this man lots of money to use it on commercials in Australia, UK, America and so forth!

Phuket is itching closer to Christmas and this does make the team here at Phuket Deals wonder; will Bazil bring out another fantastic video to show another fantastic Christmas in Phuket? We can only hope so! Phuket Deals has sold nearly 50% of the $499 Each Way Tickets to Phuket! If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us! Travel will be via Jet Star and the ticket also includes a meal on the flight (It is 9 Hours after all).