Best Beaches In Phuket Thailand

Best Beaches In Phuket Thailand

If you are planning a Holiday to Phuket but are not sure about what the Best Beach In Phuket, Thailand would be for you then this guide should cover it all! The team at Phuket Deals have noticed that people now are not only asking what is the best area of Phuket but what are the Best Beaches In Phuket, Thailand! It seems while some people are concerned they will be in an all around good area, other people are simply keen to ensure they are in a location that has a beautiful beach to perhaps go snorkeling in or you might be interested in surfing or perhaps you are just looking for beautiful sand to lay down and sun bake! Whatever you are looking for the Phuket Deals team is sure you will find it in Phuket. Phuket is lucky to be able to boast some of the most beautiful and very Best Beaches In Phuket, Thailand and that is a major reason it is such a popular tourist destination. Below you will find some information on the different beaches you can visit and why they may be most suitable for yourself!

The first Best Beach In Phuket, Thailand that we would like to mention would be Surin Beach! Surin is one of the upper class areas of Phuket and it is well known for having one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches on the Island. Surin Beach is very close to a number of great resorts so access to the beach is very easy! Another bonus to Surin Beach is that the water is very blue (at times you can see through it) and the sand is warm and yellow! The surf does not move much so this is a perfect place to come if you have children and are looking for something to do with him on a nice, hot day!

Another one of the Best Beaches In Phuket, Thailand is Karon Beach! Karon is a very popular area in Phuket and many families do choose to stay in Karon because you have a great mix of hotels, shops, entertainment and a nice beach to enjoy your time. Karon Beach is fairly similar to Surin although we do not believe it is as nice. Karon Beach can get rather busy in peak season and it’s also known to have Jet Ski Scammers attempt to extort money from people who rent the Jet Skis. This is something we have covered in the past so do hope everyone avoids them at all costs. If you are looking for a mix of a beautiful beach, great food and a few pubs then Karon Beach is probably a excellent choice for yourself.

Kalim is another area where you can find one of the Best Beaches In Phuket, Thailand! Kalim Beach is not an overly popular beach and that can always work in someone’s favor! The beach is clean, the surf is fairly slow and you can walk pretty far in before it gets to deep! A nearby restaurant at Kalim Beach will ensure you never go hungry and you can also rent out deck chairs for far cheaper then you can at other beaches! This is a big plus and another reason why Kalim Beach is one of the Best Beaches In Phuket, Thailand!

The Phuket Deals team would like to warn people that Patong Beach does not get a mention on this list because it is not a good beach in our opinion. Patong Beach is run by Jet Ski Scammers who treat tourists fairly badly! The Beach in Patong is also very dirty and no one bothers to look after it. While Patong is a great area to stay in, it is not an area we would recommend to stay at if you intend to use the beach often! Another note to take in is that you do not swim between the flags in Phuket! The flags indicate DANGER! The Phuket Deals team hopes you have a fantastic Holiday in Phuket and we hope this will guide you to the Best Beaches In Phuket, Thailand!