Best Area To Stay In Phuket

Best Area To Stay In Phuket

One question we get so often in the Phuket Deals head office is what are the Best Areas to Stay In Phuket and the truth is there is no 1 correct answer for that question because it all comes down to what you intend to do on your Holiday! When people book a Vacation through Phuket Deals we try to ask as many questions as possible to ascertain what someone hopes to do while on Holiday, the things they enjoy and the things they dislike! If you have booked a Holiday through Phuket Deals then the chances are that you enjoyed your location and were happy with everything provided. For some people though this is not possible and they end up having to make arrangements themselves. The follow guide should help people decide on what the best area to stay in Phuket would be for them as it will cover the different types of people that we see going to Phuket on holidays each and every day.

Married With Kids – If you coming to Phuket with your Partner and kids then chances are you will be looking for a bit of everything! The kids will need to be kept occupied and chances are you will be looking to spend a few nights out on the town yourself while still been close to the hotel. Karon is a location in Phuket that provides all of this and is very popular among visiting tourists. Karon boasts one of the nicest beaches in Phuket, it has a small Bar Scene to enjoy on nights the kids have a sitter and plenty of restaurants to eat at and enjoy. Karon is a very safe area in Phuket and even having the kids out at night will result in good times and real concerns.

Older People – Older people that come to Phuket are probably looking to relax and have some peace time. Whether you are an older single traveler or coming as a couple a great area to consider for your Holiday would definitely be Surin or Kata. Surin is known for its beautiful beach, the peace and quiet found and for having some fantastic resorts to enjoy. Kata does not have a beach but it is a little cooler, provides fantastic long term accommodation and everything around is fairly cheap. Both of these area’s would be perfect for a older person who is looking to escape for a nice Holiday and enjoy some time to relax.

Young People – Young people generally enjoy 2 things in Phuket – the nightclub and the beach! If that sounds like you then there is no way in the world you can go past Patong for your Holiday location! Patong is full of Hotels and Resorts that range from mid levels to complete luxury, Patong is home to Bangla Rd – a single street that is littered with Bars and Nightclubs! You will never go hungry in Patong that’s to all the fantastic restaurants and it really is just a place that people love to go to and really enjoy. Patong is generally popular with every tourist but young people especially will get a kick out of what It offers. It does have a beach but the Phuket Deals team does not believe it is one of the nicer beaches in Phuket.

So there you go, a pretty detailed idea on the area’s people should look at staying at when they come to Phuket based on the kinds of people we see having Holidays in Phuket and what people like to do! If you have any questions about the above information or believe we could fit in a new group of people then please comment below so a Phuket Deals rep can look at it and add the information in if needed.