Beaches in and around Phuket

Beaches in and around Phuket

Phuket is a popular tourist spot, famous for its beach scenery, which has a vibrant night life. You get delicious food here .you can enjoy the Andaman sea, do some snorkeling and go for a relaxed swim. The great ocean beaches are on the west coast. They are attractive with white and yellow sand and are lined with beautiful pine and palm trees. Phuket is known for its worldwide night life style. Beach massages are very common. Phuket could be a island of love and romance. Kite surfing is on Phuket Island.

Patong Beach.

This is the premier beach where Beach massage, lazing around, paragliding behind on a speed boat, jet sky and some other water borne activities are available. Beach life starts only after 8 pm when the sun sets down with a cool breeze from the Andaman Sea. The restaurants are always full with tourists in Patong. The bar is with Thai girls and the real great phuket life starts. Patong beach is full of action with loud music, with colorful people like butterflies. Widest range of food is available at Patong and some excellent restaurants are at this point. You get delicious lobster, tasty fish, clams and oysters. Seafood’s are for reasonable price. Since the weather is pleasant most of the restaurants are out door.

Kamala Beach

This beach is two km long; a 4 lane road runs between the beach and the Kamala village area. This is a fantasy home, a mini Disneyland on Phuket islands. The fantasy show is a wonderful experience with elephants on the stage, flying Thai ghost with heavy costumes. The show is expensive.

Karon Beach

This beach is not very busy when compared to others. They have integrated spa facilities in Karon beach resorts. They have decorated café shops. Karon beach is the right holiday destination with a moderate accommodation price. Night karon life is filled with massages, open air go go bars, street food, etc.

Kata Beach

The sea in front of Kata Noi Beach is the best surfing spot. Surfing Kata is the right stuff. Beach accommodation, beach rooms, beach hotel and beach inn are available for a moderate tariff. Less expensive but more natural, less rules but a vibrant night life. The waves in kata and kata noi remain consistent.

Lame Sing Beach

A small beach but looks really nice, it is a prototype of a hidden secluded beach in phuket.