Baya Disco Review – Patong

Baya Nightclub & Disco Review – Patong, Off Soi Bangla

Baya is one of Phukets smallest disco’s, normally a western country would not allow more then 150 patrons inside yet this is Thailand, and anything goes in Thailand! Baya packs in people, has drinks that are welled priced and very cold and best of all! They employ some of the sexiest Thai dancers that Phuket has to offer!

Phuket Deals has had many opportunities to go into Baya and experience the fun that is to be had in their, it is a favorite Thai Bar Girls that are not interested in fighting for a farang, but would rather see if the opportunity just pops up! They play top 40 music that most westerners will love to hear, and a great assortment of Thai music mixed with western music to keep everyone happy! Baya is located next to Rock City and is easily noticed after the recent renovations have had neon lights installed and a front verendah that allows people to have a smoke while they watch the world go by or just to wait for some friends!

The staff at Baya can be very mixed with some speaking fantastic English and others not speaking any at all! Many of the staff are also welcome to been offered drinks by clients and the chance to see each other at a later time! Phuket Deals would recommend Baya to someone who is in Thailand alone or in a small group, if you are trying to avoid the shoulder to shoulder crush that happens in Hollywood and Tiger or if you just prefer something a little different and smaller!

Baya opens rather early, allowing people to come inside from anywhere between 1pm and 6pm and not shutting its doors until 5-6am at times, unless the MIB come in and wreck the party! Baya is a popular venue for ladies as the dancing girls are generally not overly raunchy, just very good at dancing! Baya is a great place for kids as there are booths that you can sit in and avoid the rush of people! Its a comfortable venue and one that should be tried by anyone going to Phuket for this first time!