Bar Girls With Thai Boyfriends

Bar Girls With Thai Boyfriends – Warning

If you have been to Thailand and have meet an amazing girl, or are thinking about going to Thailand after hearing everyone go on about the beautiful girls and crazy night life, you should listen and heed this advise as it might save you a world of pain. Phuket is a common place to find Thai Bar Girls and these girls are masters of deceit and will do next to anything to get you, the customer. If you have come to Thailand and have meet a girl that you really like, its safe to assume you will ask about Boyfriends.

Thai Bar Girls, although going out with different punters every night will usually always have a Thai Boyfriend. Thai Boyfriends have a reputation for been lazy, arrogant and mean. Often the team at Phuket Deals have been told of girls been assaulted by the boyfriend. It seems Thai Girls are happy to put up with this, and will continue to hand over all the money they have to the boyfriend. Thai Boyfriends will almost never be around the Bangla Rd or Patong Nightlife scene, although the times they have been around they have usually gotten very upset when they see the girlfriend with a western guy.

Thai Girls will usually say the same things regarding Thai Boyfriends. If they claim they do not have a Thai Boyfriend, chances are they will tell you they actually don’t like Thai Men. This may be true in some cases, although in the vast majority this is a lie. The Bar Girl would have had a boyfriend who she actually would care for. If a Thai Girl admits she has a boyfriend, she would usually be very honest about it. There are reports of some Thai Bar Girls only going with customers for “Short Times” because they have to be back at home for the boyfriend.

If you have meet a girl that has a Boyfriend, or a very closer brother the team at Phuket Deals does hope you are careful, and treat through the Thai Waters slowly. Better to take your time and be safe, then to rush in and loose it all. If you do not believe us, take away this story. A western men who went to Thailand for the first time meet a beautiful girl, after meeting the family (including a brother), he brought her and the family to his country to live. After 1 day she left him for the brother, who was actually her boyfriend.

Phuket Deals hopes you enjoy your Thai Girlfriend!