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Soi Eric is one of the most popular and famous Soi’s that sits of Bangla Rd. Soi Eric is owned and operated by a professional entertainment company based in Europe. One of the first things people will notice when they walk into Soi Eric would be the music. Soi Eric is one of the only Soi’s in Phuket that manages  its own music, rather then allowing every bar in the Soi to attempt to drown each other out. Soi Eric has a similar layout to the other Soi’s which sit off Bangla Rd, with either side been set for in door bars and simple shops, while the middle walk way is filled with open air bars and drink establishments. Unlike other Soi’s that sit of Bangla Rd, Soi Eric is fully under cover which keeps the punters safe from the constant rain Patong can see.

Soi Eric Patong Bangla

Soi Eric also has a great little cafe that serves up fantastic Thai and Western food. There is also a pharmacy located at the front of the Soi, we can only imagine this is used at the end of the night for the punters that find a girl! Soi Eric can also be rented out by large groups to be used for functions. Although this is not a cheap option, it is one of the few Sois in Patong that will allow people to do this and it does create a different experience that one would normally not get. People looking at holding an event or party in So Eric should be advised that the music does come at an extra cost, although there is access to a fantastic stage should you wish to have a band.

Soi Eric is also home to one of the most famous and popular bars among Expats, Mai Tai Bar. MTB is owned by a man named Nicke and provides fantastic service, lovly girls and a great vibe! The team at Phuket Deals believes MTB is one of the best bars in Soi Eric, perhaps in Patong.

Soi Eric Information Last Update: 31/10/2010

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