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Soi Easy, Bangla Rd Patong

Soi Easy is not a very deep Soi, in fact you can see the end of it from Bangla Rd. Soi Easy is probably most known for “Aussie Bar”, one of the largest and most popular Girlie / Beer Bars in Phuket. Obviously it is a very popular Soi for Australians to visit, although there is a large number of Brit’s, Yanks and Swedes that enjoy the vibe in Soi Easy. Soi Easy is best described as a 2 story complex that houses about 6 bars, it is very bright and colourful and attracts plenty of attention. Soi Easy is also where the popular nightspot, “Hollywood” can be found.

Soi Easy also boasts a number of GoGo bars that are plenty of fun. There does not seem to so much emphasis on Bar Girls in Soi Easy. This may be because it seems to get older crowds and families visiting. There are also rumors that Ladyboys are not allowed in Soi Easy, as they are also not allowed in Hollywood. The team at Phuket Deals does question if they can really keep all the Ladyboys out, as so many look as girlie as they come! Soi Easy is also very popular because it is the only fully sheltered Soi in all of Patong, this protects customers and tourists from big winds and heavy rains! Soi Easy also boasts a very popular and famous Tattoo Establishment which can be lots of fun (or regret) after a big night!

Soi Easy Soi Bangla Patong Phuket

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