Bangla – Soi Crocodile

Bangla Rd, Soi Crocodile

Soi Crocodile is one of the most popular and known Soi’s in all of Phuket. Soi Crocodile is also known by a number of other names which include;

  • Soi Ladyboy
  • Soi Katoey
  • Andaman Queen

Soi Crocodile is located near the north end of Bangla Rd. Soi Crocodile is an open air Soi which generally seems to cater for the large Ladyboy (Katoey) presence that can be found in Patong. Like most the other soi’s that hang off Bangla Rd, Soi Crocodile is a long stretch with many bars on the left and right. Soi Crocodile is not large enough to accommodate a section of middle bars, although this area is used for seating as the crowds in this Soi can get very large. There are a few reports of people been robbed or pick pocketed when in this Soi, which is not surprising as it does appear most problems do arise from the Ladyboys.

Not all Ladyboys in Soi Crocodile are out to make problems, in fact many can be lots of fun and will mostly be interested in talking to you and hoping you buy them a drink or to. Katoeys generally will dress wth very little on and will show lots of skin, this is in the hope it will tempt western tourists to go with them for the night as they can earn plenty through that! Soi Crocodile is worth looking at if you are visiting Phuket in low season, as there is always plenty of action and the punters enjoy the atmosphere that is found in Soi Crocodile.

Soi Crocodile Soi Bangla Phuket Patong

Soi Crocodile Information Last Update: 31/10/2010

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