Bangla Rd Phuket

Bangla Rd is located in Patong; which is one of the larger towns in Phuket. Bangla Rd Phuket is easily one of the most famous Red Light district’s in Thailand, South East Asia and maybe even the world! Bangla Rd is known for its Thai Bar Girls, Patong Beach Nightlife and the Lady boys of Patong! There are many bars and clubs along Bangla Rd, some of the most noticeable of these would be Hollywood, Tiger, Tai Pan and Baya – while these establishments are not bars in the sense you can Bar Fine a Thai Girl for the night; Tiger, Hollywood & Tai Pan are nightclubs, very similar to the one’s most people experience in western countries!

Bangla Rd Phuket also has some fantastic bars that should be seen! Bars located on Bangla Rd that are worth a mention are;

-Octopus – An Australian owned and operated Bar, while they do not focus on the best looking girls they do ensure the girls working there are trust worthy, kind, honest and fun! Octopus bar is a great experience, and you can be sure there are no Lady Boys!

– Bonkers Bar – Bonkers Bar has some of the sexiest girls that Patong, Phuket has to offer! With table tops for the girls to dance on, and a bar fine of only 300bht; you are sure to have a memrable night with one of the Thai Girls from Bonkers Bar!

– Aussie Bar – Located on the north end of Bangla Rd, Aussie Bar would be one of the largest Bars on Bangla Rd, and as the name suggests – you will always be able to find plenty of Aussies to have a drink and chat with!

There are also a number of Lady Boys on Bangla Rd, while this shouldn’t be an issue normally there have been some minor reports of robberies and pick pocketing from the Lady Boy’s of Patong. It is advised that tourist’s try to watch out at all times and ensure that a lady boy does not try to pick your pocket. If you are concerned about not been able to tell the difference between a Lady Boy and a Thai Girl, Phuket Deals believes these are some of the most common things to look out for.

– Big Hands: When a man gets the chop and turns into a lady boy, there is not much that can be done about the size of the persons hands!

– Big Feet: Same as the hands, you cant change much about the size of your feet!

– Adams Apple: While it is more and more common to see Lady Boys with no Adams Apple, it is still a great sign to watch out for!

The Lady Boys on Bangla Rd Patong Beach can be fun and exciting, and they can also be angry and touchy so you should watch out at all times! Bangla Rd Thailand also has some fantastic shops on the west side, if you walk down you will constantly be grabbed by tout’s, shop owners and jewellry supplies trying to pry you in to look at there stock! Bangla Rd Thailand is one of the more expensive area’s to shop in, so if you are looking for a check bargain it may be worth avoiding Bangla Rd and looking at the smaller area’s such as Karon or Kata.