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Info on Bangla Road

As the saying goes in Phuket, all roads lead to Bangla Road as the sun begins to set. Oh, yes, anyone who has been to Phuket always has a tale to tell about Bangla Road.

Bangla Road is a hundred meters long road ending at Rat U Thit road. Along side are several small alleys or road called Sois and along these sois are several shops, restaurant and the famous beer bars, a go go bars and night bars where partying is all night and non stop.

Bangla Road comes alive when the sun begins to set. Even before darkness covers the road, neon lights starts gleaming and brightening the never-ending rows of bars and night places ready to burn the night with hot and steaming partying.

Just before the night begins, people flock here and soon it is crowded with men and women who do not have anything in mind but to have fun and excitement all night long.  Here you can find  bar places like Soi Easy, Soi Crocodile, Rock hard a go go, Tiger Disco, kangaroo bar ,Scruffy Murphy, Irish Bar, Aussie Bar, U2 Bar, Full Monty Bar, Shaky bar, Cock Pit Bar, Ned Kelly Pub, Gonzo Bar, Shipwreck and the list goes on and on as rows of bars here are frequently growing.

Bangla Road is a place where every tourist experience a nightlife distinguishably Thai. Never in any place can one find so much partying, all breaks loose, nothing to mind, nothing to lose just all fun and naughty and steamy hot fun.

Bangla Road is a place where you can find beautiful, sexy and amazingly hot Thai girls. Male will have no rooms for shyness, for these Thai girls are all out there to give them clean or whatever fun they want. Tell them what you want; they do what you want for affordable and reasonable price. If you are with a sweetheart why not take her shopping and dining in those restaurant or challenge her love by tasting those  like fried cockroaches and those extreme gourmet only found in Phuket and  in all Thailand. Alternatively, take her to spa, enjoy the romantic massage, and end your night in the Motel just at the end of Bangla Road.

Bangla Road is not only for naughty fun but also for family, too. Family can enjoy the circus like atmosphere of Bangla Road. Food vendors are all around, shops selling Thai amulets and all that exotic souvenirs making the night unforgettable.

Spending a night at Bangla Road, you must braced yourself not only with untoward things that might happen but also with fun and excitement you are about to get. You can find yourself surrounded by lady boys who will have no inhibitions in teasing and flirting with any body. Enjoy your night as you drink beer and watch a go go girls dance and sing for you. These girls are for you the whole night or take them out, and spent the rest of the night with her in any place you want. Remember to pay the bar fess and there will be no problems with the bar people. If there will be some kind of trouble, don’t worry if Thai girls are loud and rowdy because the Thai police are always around to keep the place going in clean and happy fun. As the sun begins to rise, it’s time for all of those partying to end. You can go back to your hotel or take a steaming hot Thai breakfast you can buy from food hawkers then take your rest and regain your strength for the whole day because for sure you have decided you’ll come back again and spend again your night at Bangla Road!