Bangkok Girls To Patong Girls

You might think that visiting a country like Thailand, you would see much the same type of people you would any where in the country! This may be true (in ways) for many country’s, Thailand is nothing like this!

Although both girls (Patong Girls and Bangkok Girls) will alwaus make a customer feel amazing , and treat them like a absolute god, Bangkok girls will usually try to find a new man the very next night rather then push the current man into a Holiday Girlfriend type scanario, although this is possible with girls in Bangkok it is something you would need to request usually.

Patong Girls will usually always push to be your holiday girlfriend, this may be bcause Phuket is a holiday destination or it may be due to the fact there are usually far less tourist’s in Phuket then there are in Bangkok.

Phuket (Patong) and Bangkok are also extremely different place’s, while Phuket is a excellent family destination full of fun activitys for people of all ages, Bangkok still seems to be a place for the older or single tourist looking for a bit of side fun!

Phuket is lucky enough to have some fun shooting range’s, water parks, shows of all different kinds and the most pumped up Thai Boxing you could see. While Phuket has Bangla Rd and all the exciting bars and girls that come with it, it really holds no comparision to the fun and drinking that can be had in Bangkok.

Bangkok has its nightlife area’s spread out over a wide range! There are many place’s you can go to enjoy a good time and meet some fantastic Thai girls, these girls may be working for a Thai Bar or they me be Freelancers working on their own finding any company they can.- Unlike Phuket, you find Go-Go Bars, Beer Bars and Escort Rooms all over Bangkok while in Phuket they are generally found down any Soi in Banga Rd.

Area’s I would advise anyone to look at when going to Bangkok are –

– Soi Cowboy is a excellent area, buzzing and full of life! You will find many bars with young, old and fun girls looking to drink and play games with you! Bar Fines in Soi Cowboy are determined by the bar its self so I would advise you check with the Bar Owner ofr the Thai girl you are with at just how much you will be spending.

– Nana Plaza Area is a amazing area, and many do consider it the Las Vegas of Thailand. Instead of Gambling big money though, you are probably going to loose a few drinks when you play pool or hand over 50 Baht to the Bar Girl that beats you! Full of podiums for the girls to dance on, costumers that would make a priest blush – it all can be found at Nana Plaza!

–  Soi 33 is a popular place for Asian tourist’s there are many Kareoke Bars to sign at and although there are not as many Thai girls to take home, you still will be able to find you fair share!