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Baan Phuket is a wonderful resort, about 15minutes drive from Phuket Town and about 15 minutes drive from Patong it is easily one of Phukets top resorts!

Baan Phuket has won a number of awards of excellence in service, and over all resort management! Boasting 4 swimming pools, 6 tennis court and 3 health centers, Baan Phuket is truly one of the most amazing resorts to stay in!

I had the pleasure of going to Baan Phuket recently and have to admit the service was purely outstanding! I was treating to Phuket Shrimp and a game of Tennis by the resorts manager! The staff all speak excellent English and they will exchange your money at the resort for a excellent rate (28Baht today, exchange center was doing 30.5 Baht)

Rooms vary in price from 2.500 Baht a night to 30, 000 Baht a night. The most exclusive rooms come with private spa and out door area. The cheapest rooms still give you full access to all swimming pools and fitness centers.

Room service is 24 hours and the excellence of the food doesn’t change, day or night!

Baan Phuket host’s one of Patongs trendiest night clubs, Club Lime in Patong. By staying at the hotel, you have access to a free shuttle service that ferries people between the resort and the club all night long!

The resort host’s a kiddie club, when I checked it out they had the kids building Billie cars, on a track the resort has created specially designed to be safe for kids! It costs 160 Baht per day, which is excellent value considering they get all there food and drinks covered by that!

I did find it rather hard to get a tuk tuk late at night, the road that Baan Phuket is on is very quiet during the day, so I am sure you can imagine how dead it is late at night! The hotel can call a taxi service for you, but for the average tourist half the fun should be getting in a tuk tuk!

2 Minutes up, there are Kata Old Shops! I found the price’s to be excellent compared to the price’s in Phuket. I picked up 2 pairs of Jeans, 3 shirts and a belt for 1.600 Baht!

I rate the Baan Phuket a 8.5/10