5 Reasons To Visit Phuket

5 Reasons To Visit Phuket

1) Beach’sPhuket is famous all over the world for lots of reasons although none more so then the fact they have beautiful beaches! Now please do not think that Phuket has beaches that are similar to Bali. While Bali is great for surfing and extreme water sports, Thailand is more suited to relaxing and laying around the beach. Few people go to Thailand to surf, while literally thousands go to lay on the sand and enjoy the sun! There are beach’s all over Phuket, with many been empty almost all the time! Other beach;s can get very busy (such as Patong Beach), and can also attract less pleasing crowds such as the Jet Ski Touts who have a bad rap for scamming unlucky tourists.

2) Shopping – While Phuket is not Bangkok when it comes to shopping, thanks to the large influx of western people going to Phuket the shopping is very good! There are a number of markets in Phuket which are dedicated to providing a shopping area that people would feel good in. There are also a number of street stalls which can be found, most notably people would see them along Bangla Rd prior to the nights events starting. Prices in Phuket are not as cheap as they are in Bangkok, although compared to what one would pay in the west it is still very cheap!

3) Bars and Clubs – You may notice we did not put Nightlife, but instead put “Bars and Clubs”. The reason we have done this is because you do not necessarily have to do these things at night, and sometimes its more fun to do them in the day! While this point is probably more focused to the male readers, Phuket is gold mine for a single guy! Think about this, you walk onto a street to find thousands of girls trying to grab you and call you into there bar. Sound good? That’s Thailand! Phuket Bars are great places to meet expats, find a Thai Girlfriend for the night or just relax! Most people will think about Bangla Rd when we talk about the Phuket Bars, although there are many other places people can go! Recently an Irish Pub has opened up, one of the biggest things about this place is that all the staff are western girls rather then Thai Girls. The girls here can not be bar fined, although they do offer great conversation in comparison to their Thai counter-parts.

4) Cheap Hotels & Resorts – A big factor for people going on a Holiday is the accommodation they will need to pay! A great thing about Phuket is that there are hundreds of hotels suited for people of all budgets. Currently the Thai Govt is working with the Tourism Dept and Hotel Operators to offering low fares for people looking to visit Phuket, Thailand. This basically means you, the customer can get some great savings and stay in a top end resort for next to nothing.

5) Thai Girls again.. Like we said, we love the Thai Girls from the GoGo Bars and Beer Bars!